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About Us

Where Imagination Meets Walls

We offer a unique outlook on wallpapers, skillfully blending the influences of Victorian and East Asian traditions with a fearless and modern approach to home decor. We combine the expertise gained from these rich artistic heritages to create something fresh and captivating for your living spaces.

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Our Story

We are Sisters


Hello! I am Danika, the proud Co-founder and Company Director of Sand and Sushi, a company that was conceived in 2016 and that I am very passionate about. I am delighted to share some insights and information about S&S and the journey to its establishment.


I initially delved into experimentation with photography, screenprint, and digital art, re-igniting my passion for patterns and uncovering their limitless applications, coupled with my deep interest in history, particularly the Edo period in Japan and the Victorian age, these two historical eras' rich cultural heritage and distinct aesthetics inspired me to create a brand that blended elements from both worlds.

Shortly after that, Kimberley, Sand and Sushi's Creative Director joined in 2017, bringing her expertise and artistic vision to the partnership and effortlessly translating these concepts into stunning wallpapers. With a background in the film industry as a concept artist and illustrator, Kimberley honed her skills through years of technical practice, contributing her exceptional work to notable movies such as Star Wars, Wonder Woman and 1917.

The brand's designs now reflect the beauty and grace of both cultures, captivating the senses and evoking a feeling of nostalgia for a bygone era. This blend of history, Kimberley's unique art style & remarkable eye for colour became the cornerstone of Sand & Sushi's identity.

Sand & Sushi is more than just a business; as sisters, we believe in the power of connection, fun, and friendliness. These core values are at the heart of everything we do within our business and beyond. We take pride in our positive approach to people and life in general, and we're excited to extend that spirit to our valued customers like you.

We strive to create an experience beyond just a transaction. When you choose Sand & Sushi, you're gaining access to our exceptional products/services and becoming part of a community that values human connection, embraces joy, and believes in the power of a positive outlook.

Welcome to Sand & Sushi

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